16 July 2012

Freelance Software Developer

After freelancing on the side for almost 7 years, I'm leaving my full-time gig to focus on contract work. I've outlined my skills below and you can look through some of my public code on github. If you're looking for more info, shoot me an email at me@shanereustle.com.

General Skills

  • Very active in the NYC tech community organizing tech conferences and meetups
  • Experience researching, planning and executing entire products
  • Experience growing an engineering team
  • Constantly playing with the latest projects and tools

Front-End Development

  • Large JavaScript Applications - One of my strongest (and favorite) areas
  • Third-Party JavaScript - Wrote scripts run by hundreds of millions of users per month
  • Frameworks - Bootstrap, Mustache, Underscore, and Backbone are some of my favorites
  • HTML/CSS expert, including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Good eye for design and user experience
  • Years of cross-browser development experience

Back-End Development

  • Python - Built a large number of standalone and web based applications
  • NodeJS - Used for a few small projects, very comfortable with JavaScript
  • PHP - Years of past experience on projects of all sizes
  • Varnish - Familiar with setting up and tuning Varnish caching servers
  • Frameworks - Flask, Django, CodeIgniter, etc

Data Storage

  • MongoDB - Advanced administration skills (sharding, replsets, optimization, etc)
  • Redis - Experience integrating into existing systems
  • SQL - Experience working with Postgres, SQLite and MySQL
  • EBS & S3 - Hundreds of hours spent working with Amazons EBS and S3

System Operations & Architecture

  • Amazon AWS - Experience creating and managing hundreds of instances at one time
  • Monitoring - Used tools like Munin, RedisLive, SupervisorD and others
  • Scaling - Experience scaling large systems by quickly identifying and removing bottlenecks
  • Architecture - Architected highly available & fault-tolerant systems on AWS